What We Help Doing

OLAVIN team has been serving Aussie wineries since 2015. In 2019, OLAVIN Australia was officially established. Now working
as a local business in Australia, Olavin is bringing the following experience to Aussie wineries:

100% Australian
Local Design

Overseas Manufacturing
Cost Advantage

Fine And Comprehensive
Process Management Control

Localization Service

Technical Service Organization

OLAVIN is a technical service organization. On the premise of respecting Australian winemaking style, Olavin actively absorbs and creates advanced design concepts to promote the upgrading of Australian wine tank industry.

Multi-national Entity

OLAVIN is a multi-national entity, specialized in stainless steel wine tank industry, and deeply immersed in the new world winemaking countries such as the United States, Australia, China, Canada and New Zealand.

We hope in the future Olaivn will be known as a service company that just happens to
sell custom tanks, catwalks and drains.